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Boxes start this week!

Posted 6/21/2016 4:41pm by Tim Livingstone.

We have a lot of beautiful strawberries.  For this first time since growing our own organic berries we are able to send 2 quarts in a full box and one quart of berries in a half box!  This heat has really turned the color of the berries and they are delicious.

We have passed the longest day of summer.  It is always a little sad when the days start getting shorter again, but the summer has only just begun - that is the good news!

It has been another busy spring season and a few things took a hit with the cold last week, but overall I think we are in better shape at this time than we were last year.  We so appreciate a good crew, a nice building to work in, a new to us delivery bus.  

We had hoped to keep our old bus another couple of years, but it was condemned by two mechanics due to too much rust under the body.  While the new bus was an expense we hoped not to have, the bright side is that it should be much more reliable, is easier on fuel, and can be used to do our Moncton deliveries as well.  We plan to have it wrapped with signs like our other bus.  The design and printing process takes time so for now it will be white but we hope within a month or so to have it looking really nice.

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