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New for Fall/Winter 2019

Posted 9/23/2019 12:28pm by Tim Livingstone.

We have decided to try using a new web service this winter called Harvie.  Harvie will be collecting your preferences and helping us manage your bi-weekly deliveries.  Harvie will allow you to customize your boxes for each delivery and will help you manage location changes and much more. 

Since not all locations utilize actual boxes, Harvie uses the term "share" where we have used the term "box".  These are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

All the veggies and meats will still be produced and packed by us as before, but Harvie will be managing the sign up process, customization, locations for pickup, etc.

We are also expanding our home or office delivery options for 2019.  For just $6.00 per box per week you can now have your box delivered to your home or office within city limits.  This option will be reviewed by us and our courier (John's Courier Service in Woodstock) and is subject to approval. 

Join Nollie as she talks about our box program.

Burger Battle Big Macleod with Bacon

Summer/Fall box program.

Old Website

We are in the process of building this new website.  Click here to see our old Strawberry Hill Farm website along with your past order history, blogs, and other information. 

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