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Seeding and Planting Season here again!

Posted 4/27/2016 12:48pm by Tim Livingstone.

Spring planting season is here again.  It is a bit cold this week but the ground is dry and firm so we can spread soil amendments and start our cultivation.  We seeded carrots and rutabaga last week and seeded peas this week.  White row covers will help to keep the soil heat in during these cold nights.


The hens and the pullets (young hens that are not laying yet) have been moved out of the barn and are getting used to the outdoors again.  The old hens know all about it from last year, but the young pullets have been in the bard since day old chicks in January so this is quite a new world for them.  They are gaining confidence each day and will soon be foraging well.

 Here is our first batch of spring piglets for 2016.  13 piglets from one mama!  This is her third litter of piglets and she is not even two years old yet.  So far we have had 20 piglets born in the last two weeks and are waiting for our last mama to give birth.  We might even have enough piglets to be able to sell some as spring piglets for those who want to raise them in their own back yard.  

We dug our spring parsnips on Monday.  Parsnips are very cold hardy and can take freezing in the field without being damaged.  The cold weather actually sweetens the taste.  It is different digging a root crop in the spring when it is time to be planting, but it is a time when there are few veggies left in storage.

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