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Spring is here again!

Posted 3/20/2016 4:36pm by Tim Livingstone.

It is that time of year again!  We are seeding, putting benches in the greenhouse, and lots of preparation for the summer season.

We turned the tomato cooler into a germination chamber to help get more uniform and faster germination and to save on heating costs within the greenhouse at this time of year.

A simple seeder with needles to pick up the seeds helps Kirsten to seed onions and other small seeds effectively.  It can be difficult and time consuming to seed by hand, but the vacuum needles make short work of it.

Tomatoes are usually the first crop we seed and the first up.  We are moving toward grafted tomatoes in the greenhouse and are going to try doing some grafting of our own. 

When grafting, you take the top of one variety and put it onto the root of another.  A super strong root system helps an otherwise weaker variety to resist disease and grow more vigorously.  As our sales grow, we are looking for innovative ways to make more efficient use of the space we have.  Eventually we will need to build more greenhouses, but in the meantime we need to grow as much as we can in what space we have.  Greenhouses cost a lot of money...

Summer sign ups are really strong this year.  We have significantly more orders at this time than at this time in any previous year.  Signing up and paying ahead takes a certain amount of courage and faith.  We are so happy that more and more people are signing up in confidence realizing what a good value this program provides.

Join Nollie as she talks about our box program.

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