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Summer Sign Ups now open

Posted 2/24/2016 7:01am by Tim Livingstone.

We are excited to be ready to take sign ups for the 2016 Summer/Fall Season.  

As a grower who has followed the price of food and fresh vegetables in particular for the last 7 years, I see this as one of the best times to sign up for a box program!  The price of fresh produce has increased dramatically this winter, but now you can lock into a great price and get produce all summer long without worrying about what the price of fresh veggies will be in the store. 

We have all been hearing in the news and seeing the prices of vegetables jump to record highs.  I was asked last night if this is likely to continue into the summer or if when Canadian produce comes onto the market again will the prices drop back down.

The reality is that a large percentage of what we eat still comes from outside Canada and even if we grow it here, we rely on seeds and supplies that come in from other countries.  While individual prices are sure to come down somewhat as in the case of Cauliflower, the trend for higher food prices will remain as long as the Canadian dollar is weak against the US dollar.  

I was ordering trays and mulch yesterday and noticed the prices had increased.  I asked why if oil is so low would plastic prices have risen.  I wasn't able to get a suitable answer other than that the global market dictates this.  Kirsten is ordering seeds too and even from Canadian suppliers the prices have all increased substantially this year.  Add the rise in minimum wage and the increase in sales tax and everything points to higher overall food costs.

We are working on systems to increase efficiency on our farm and are using this to help offset the rise in costs allowing us to continue to provide great products at a fair value with minimal price increases.

By signing up now you will get fresh, local, organic produce at a great price and don't have to worry about whether you will be able to feed your family with healthy veggies this summer.

Click here or go to the Sign Up page to secure your spot.  Also pay by June 7 to receive up to a 5% discount off your entire season.

For returning customers, you will see the process is a little different with our new website and you will need to re-enter your contact information.  We appreciate your help as we transition everything into this new site which will provide better service as we move forward.


Join Nollie as she talks about our box program.

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