Cancelation Refunds Policy

Payment:  We reserve the right to stop delivery in the event that the next box is not paid for.

Picking up your box:  It is your responsibility to pick up your box each week.  It is no problem to send a friend if you can't come yourself.  We suggest you set reminders on your phone or calendar at the start of the season to make sure you don't miss a pick up.  We send an email reminder each week but we don't recommend you count on it.  Each location is instructed to donate any boxes left over so we cannot refund if you miss picking up your box.

Refunds for ending early: If you find that you don't like the program or move unexpectedly we will give you a refund on the unused portion of the season.  Since the full season of boxes has been reserved for you and we now have to find another buyer, we reserve the right to deduct up to the value of one week's box from your refund.

Quality Issues:  Overall the quality of produce has historically been good and issues are rare.  However, if there is an issue, we offer replacement product or something else of equal or greater value.  We ask that you let us know about any quality issues no later than the day after pick up and we appreciate a photo.  If you pick up late ( after scheduled pick up) we cannot be responsible for missing boxes or for quality issues especially from locations we do not personally administer.

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