Our Pigs

Our pigs are raised outdoors on pasture and in woodland areas during the spring, summer, and fall.  They also enjoy generous amounts of produce as they clean up fields and seconds at the end of the season.  During the winter we provide good shelter but also give them a generous outdoor run in the snow. 

Pigs have worked very well for the farm since they are easy to fence, and eat almost anything.  They are very intelligent creatures and love rooting in the ground, playing in the puddles, and otherwise just being lazy.  

We mix a custom grain ration for them that is organic and therefore free of GMOs, antibiotics, and pesticides.  This grain, along with the pasture, roots, and veggies, provides them with a well balanced and nutritionally complete diet.

It is so hard to imagine that most pigs are raised in barns on slatted floors and never get to experience the outdoors in their lives.

Raising organic pigs is not easy because it means we must start with mama pigs and raise them all the way on our farm to make sure they are not raised with any genetically modified grains, hormones, antibiotics, or other unnatural things.

My first experience helping my uncle care for pigs at birth was scary for me as a kid so I resisted getting into this, but we have learned a lot and are getting better set up each year.  We try to mimic nature as much as possible allowing each mother privacy at birth but then letting them join the herd again and have a social life with their buddies.

A mother pig is large and can have 12 or more piglets in a litter.  The little piggies have a challenging life when they are small but they quickly gain strength and before long they are all around the barn as they love to explore.


At about 5 weeks of age they are weaned from their mother and go to a moveable shelter in the field.


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