Pasture Raised Organic Chicken

We raise our meat chickens on grass and feed them organic grain.  Their hoop houses keep them protected from the elements but are easy to move allowing us to give them fresh grass on a regular basis. When we move the houses forward, they leave their fertility behind, building the soil for future crops.

We blend a mix of organic grains containing no GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones.  We grow as much of the grain here on our farm as possible.  This grain along with the grass, clovers, and bugs provides our broiler chickens with a balanced and nutritionally complete diet.  


Most chicken you buy in the store has been raised using antibiotics and genetically modified crops and the birds are raised in close quarters in large buildings where they don't enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors.  Even organic chicken is often raised indoors, so these birds are really quite special...  We get many comments from people who really notice the difference!

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