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Update May 30, 2020:  We have decided to open up sign ups again. This will be open for a limited time only so sign up now if you want to get in on our box program for summer 2020 starting the third week of June.

Notes:  We are full for home delivery in the Fredericton area so please choose one of the 3 other pick up locations if you are in the Fredericton area.  Home delivery is open for all other areas listed.

You can click this link to start your sign up process.  You will need to enter your information again as this is a new system which will allow customization and more options for you to manage your boxes through the season.

The sign up link can also be found at

We plan to continue our online store through the summer as well and that will be available anytime at


Update May 26, 2020:  We have hired 9 new people and the planting is on schedule.  Training has been intense but we have a good crew.  We are waiting to find out when our trained workers can come back into the province but hope to open sign ups again shortly.  You can either send us  an email or check back in a few days...


Early May update:  We are closing down our sign ups to new members at this time.  We will honor and fill all the sign ups from those who have already signed up, but we cannot in good faith continue to allow new sign ups with our current unknowns regarding labour and the associated cost to produce our crops.  Our online store will remain open and we are committed to selling as much as possible through that venue while also caring for all the customers that have already signed up for our weekly box programs.

Our online store is at

If you were a weekly box customer last year and have not had a chance to sign up, please feel free to send us an email and we will see if we can include you again in this year's program.  Email us at if you would like to make a comment or if you are a returning customer from last year and would like to sign up again.

WHY? This decision is due to the Premiere's sudden announcement that we cannot bring the core of our trained staff back this year just as we are kicking off our planting season.

Here are some of the reasons behind our decision:

Due to

  1. The sudden nature of the announcement with little time to react - planting outdoors started this week (May 1).  
  2. The fact that we have to start our training process from zero again and training takes a minimum of 6 months.
  3. Having lost much of the training investment of the last four years
  4. Having lost the months of work and the money we have invested in getting the workers here this year
  5. Having been assured by the federal government that we could still bring them in up until as recently as Monday of this week
  6. Having no way to adequately assess our costs due to the labour unknowns
  7. Understanding that we will have to hire about 3 Canadians to replace each of these 4 workers and we will have to train them for 6 months
  8. With little ability to increase our prices on pre-ordered product
  9. While the Premiere has made a couple general public comments, we have not had any commitment as to what they can or will do to help as a result of their sudden decision.

It is for these reasons we cannot in good conscience continue to accept  sign ups for the box program even though it has been more popular than ever this year.

One of the great things about our box program is that a family can prepay and we commit to providing vegetables every week for 20 weeks.  More people than ever have joined the program at these uncertain times because they want to be assured good food for their families.  We hope you understand, however, why it is impossible for us to take more sign ups since we have so many unknowns to deal with in such a short time.

If this situation changes, we will consider opening sign ups again.  In the mean time we are committed to our currently signed up customers and to our online store at where we have much more flexibility to offer what we have the labour to harvest and where we have flexibility to change prices should that be necessary.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and look forward to continuing to supply you with local farm products as we are able.


Join Nollie as she talks about our box program.

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