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MelonsOur delivery busLikely the best Sweet Corn you've ever had.Winter Salad MixGreen Salanova LettuceYum...  Strawberries!Cherry TomatoesVeggie PlatterRed Salanova LettuceWinter BoxLate June BoxAugust BoxOctober BoxAugust BoxAugust BoxAugust boxSeptember BoxOctober BoxJuly BoxSalanova leaf lettuceBroilers on grassEver seen a pig swing?Chinese CabbageCabbageBees - our friends!Getting fatter!Summer pasture for the hens!Solar panel on hen houseBig mama, little piggies!Newborn pigletsHow do they taste?Nice Catch!Sweet Corn growing well.Celeriac on the flatReady for the Old Home Week ParadeSchool GroupCome see the Farm Open Farm DayFarm Tour on Open Farm DayGelbviegh yearlingOur bus ready to goFun transplanting!Nest boxJust one more bale?That's my food!Yummy left overs meal of broccoli and cauliflowerRoll out nest boxes to keep eggs cleanNice day's collection of eggsPlanting MelonsReady to plant Melons!Gallow calfSeeding cover cropsTransplanting fall broccoliGalloway yearling We grow a variety of melons.  Great for melon fruit cups!Freshly Dug Carrots are one of our favourite cropsBruce loves Sweet Corn!
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Join Nollie as she talks about our box program.

Burger Battle Big Macleod with Bacon

Summer/Fall box program.

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